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Urmia Tourist & Tourism Attractions

Although Urmia is one of the oldest and oldest cities in Iran, its old neighborhoods have been around for about a hundred years, but in the corners of this beautiful city there are several hundred years old Ratarihchi.
In Orumiyeh, there is a five star hotel, three four star hotels, three star hotels and seven star-star hotels, so do not worry about staying and finding a decent lodging in this city at any cost.
Here are just a few of the historical and spectacular attractions of this city

Ana Hotel Urmia

Orumiyeh Mosque

Mosque is restored and the old mosque of this beautiful Mosque reaches the Seljuk era, unlike the Seljoui Golpayegan mosque and even unlike Soltanieh dome.
This mosque also has a beautifully styled altar, which you can find from the window of this beautiful altar, if you find the entrance to the mosque courtyard at the seminary. The work is numbered 243 in the national monuments list and runs on the market from both sides.

Three domes

Three domes are the name of the promenade in the southeast of Orumieh, located in the bazaar of Babazgar Street, and is surrounded by residential buildings, and the building is located in an area that has become the Museum of the Rock these days.
Some of the rocks in which it is located are volcanoes, and others are rock paintings that are located in glass blocks and their translations are also written below.
However, the monument of Gonbad was built in 580 Lunar by the order of one of the Majestic Seljukibi, and there are three inscriptions on the Kofi line, which are carved out of stone and dating the building.

Ana Hotel Urmia
Ana Hotel Urmia

Double-glazed refrigerator (9-ply)

This refrigerator, which has been renovated and turned into a traditional glass-making center, is located in the old neighborhood, Asgar Khan. According to the shape of the building and the map of this fridge, this seems to belong to the Qajar period. Its roof is made of stone and brick.
The interior of this ice storage cabin, the main hall, has a spectacular glory due to its particular fit and its height and the precision used in the ceiling brick.

The Church of Mary (Granja Maryam)

The Holy Mary Church, which is called Mother Mary, is one of the oldest and most important Orumieh churches, located in the center of the city and on the street of Khayyam, the alley of the church. Its early construction dates back to the first century AD.
The inscription in this church dates back to 1879. The church has a fairly large courtyard and the courtyard of the church runs through two entrances to the street.

Ana Hotel Urmia
Ana Hotel Urmia

The traditional Marketplace

The traditional city market is in the old and southeastern context of the city, which has undergone many changes, along with lifestyle changes. The oldest parts of it remain in the Safavid period, and its baths are related to the Zand dynasty and Qajar era.
Urmia Market is one of the vibrant and vibrant markets in Iran, where you can find jobs that have been lost in many other places, such as forging, cotton, embroidery, sewing and ...

Lake Urumieh

The largest lake in Iran and the most beautiful attraction of this city that is shared between the two provinces of West Azerbaijan and East Lake Urmia. Although in recent years large portions of this lake have been dried for a variety of reasons, including deep chaise, bridge between passes and dams, but still beautiful, it is best not to miss seeing it too late.
The beauty of this lake is also due to the fact that the water of this lake is so transparent that it reflects everything like a shadow of the globe and it is identical with the sky on the horizon, but Zarumyeh to the bridge of the Urmia Lake, which many people hang out in this way They are also 45 kilometers from the Tabriz side, as they approach the lake. It is also 35 km from Orumiyeh to Chich Chhat Beach, which also has a recreational complex.

Ana Hotel Urmia
Ana Hotel Urmia

Marmi Lake

About 45km west of Urmia and in the mountains of this city when we reach the border with Iran and Turkey there is a natural, very beautiful and spectacular lake with an area of approximately 5 hectares; the habitat of various aquatic species, including salmon, and birds It is a diverse migrant who is a great place to spend leisure time for tourists and nature lovers.
The lake is situated on a lush, riverside river, with its beautiful mountain lakes, which are lush and lush since mid-May to mid-September. Has created an exquisite view. Of course, because the lake is in a mountainous region, it can naturally be used as a rest in warm months only. In the heat season, the existence of a variety of plants and birds is such an attraction to the area that makes every visitor astonished.